Delaney Funnies

September 17, 2009 at 2:13 pm (Family, Kids)

Delaney has said a few really cute and funny things lately that I just need to get in writing so I don’t forget them!

At the pool at Water World, she met a little girl named Kylie. They were playing and jumping over the waves together. Delaney brought her over to me and said “this is my friend Kylie, but she is NOT my favorite Kylie”. This was soon after Shaye and Kylie had come to visit and Delaney adores them. Delaney also named a doll Kylie recently. She loves “those sisters” alright.

Delaney has been saying a lot of totally random things lately. It seems like she just wants to get David’s or my attention and then when she gets our attention, she just makes something up to say. So, sitting on the couch she says to David – Delaney: “Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad…..DAD!”
David: “Yes, Delaney?”
Delaney: “at Mom’s house I have lots of slippers”
Totally random and hysterical. So, David started laughing and she got all giggly too, but I’m not sure if she realized why she was funny.

Similarly, I was in the kitchen and she was at the kitchen table looking out the window at the jungle gym in our yard –
Delaney: “Jil, Jil, Jil, Jil, Jil….JIL!”
Me: “Yes, Delaney?”
Delaney: “at my other mom’s house, we don’t have one of those”
OMG, I just about melted when she said “my other mom”. I wonder if Dana would mind being “the other mom” hahaha. She is so stinkin cute.

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