Dallas visit April 2009

April 27, 2009 at 2:15 am (Family, Kids)

I just got back from visiting Julie and family in Dallas. My main reason for going was for Lulu’s first cheerleading competition at Six Flags (the Texas Cutez took 3rd place!). I was just there for 3 days, but even in that short amount of time, I really feel like I’m able to bond with the kids and get to know them better and better with each visit.

Lulu and John Davis are adorably hysterical, so before I forget, I wanted to jot down some of the sweet and funny things they say. They may not make much sense out of context to people that don’t know them, but this mostly for me to remember anyway 🙂

Right now Lulu is 4.5 and John Davis is 2.5.

*I love how they call me Aunt Chirpy – pronounced ‘Ant Kirp-y’.

*When I first got to their house, I put my stuff in the guest room and went into the bathroom. Of course Lulu was with me (she likes to be by my side when I visit, and I love that). When I shut the bathroom door, in her most dramatic voice she demanded “Aunt Chirpy, you CAN”T close the door, I NEED to see you ALWAYS!”.

*John Davis put his hands on my belly and when he felt my belly move, I told him it was the baby kicking. A little while later when the subject had totally changed, John Davis excitedly told me and Julie that “when Aunt Chirpy’s baby comes out, I’m gonna KICK HIM, I’m gonna KICK the baby”

*After the big, long day at Six Flags, we were in the car and the kids were a little hyper and saying that they wanted to play more. Lulu wanted to go to the mall and stay there forever to play. When we told her that wasn’t going to happen, Lulu starts moping and saying “I’m a poor thing, just look at the poor thing, me!” “I have a sad face, I’ll never have a happy face again, just a sad face”. Julie asked the kids if we could just relax, be quiet and just do nothing for the rest of the car ride, so then John Davis starts saying in random spurts for the rest of the 45 minute car ride in different fluctuations of voices “nothing.” “nothing!” “noooth—-iiiiing!”. I guess that is how he ‘does nothing’.

*Out of the blue, Lulu asks Julie “Does Aunt Gabby have a little brother named Dadda?” “and then so does Dadda have a big sister named Aunt Gabby?” (Gabby is John’s big sis)

*Lulu is really in to Annie, and many conversations revolve around Annie and prequels/sequels to Annie that Lulu has concocted in her mind.
Lulu “Am I luckier than Annie?”
John (jokingly) “that depends, would you rather have a indoor pool or a mama?”
Lulu seriously considers these options “can I just have both?”

*In the car, the kids are playing with their stuffed animals like there is a animal birthday party going on.
Julie “Are you kids having a pretend birthday party back there”
Lulu (in her most dramatic voice) “Noooo Mama, it is NOT pretend, it is a REAL birthday party”

Oh, and there are so many more funny things that they say and do. They constantly crack me up.

Lulu’s cheer competition was adorable, of course. It was so exciting, not only to see her perform on stage, but more importantly, to see how proud she was of herself and to see that giant smile on her face knowing that we were all so proud of her.

kids at the mall mall jungle messy icing Julie and Lulu Cutez2 jil and the cutest of the cutez

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