Pregnancy Update – 24 weeks

February 20, 2009 at 11:41 pm (Baby)

I had my 6 month check-up yesterday and after last month’s check-up, I was very nervous about the weight-gain. After gaining 6.5 pounds in one month, I was afraid if I kept that up, I may get way too big and have a hard time getting the weight off after FBB arrives. Of course, while pregnant I’m not dieting or anything, but I finally had a month that I wasn’t having strong cravings for heavy and fattening things, so that helped! At this appointment I actually lost 2 pounds, but my belly has still grown. I wasn’t eating too light or anything, they said that some months will be like that so it washes out the high weight-gain months. Phew. So, I’m right on track. They didn’t do an ultra-sound this month, so no new pics of FBB to share 😦 But I’m sure he’s getting bigger and cuter every day (just like two other rug-rats I know). Next month they’ll do some testing for gestational diabetes, but so far I’ve had no symptoms for that.

I have still been feeling wonderful and sometimes pregnant-high, which I LOVE. However, some new back pain has greeted me in the evenings. Now pretty much every day around 4 or 5pm my back starts to ache and feel really tired on the sides and middle. It isn’t a pinched nerve or lower back pain like before, but a whole new kind of back pain. I guess that is just my thing during pregnancy – unescapable back pain. It has been bothering me a little overnight too, so my nights of happy sleep might be behind me. Other than that, I’m tiring out a little more easily, but still feeling good. It is probably a good thing that we went to Paris when we did — nice job hubby!

Cravings — So, although my beef craving is gone, I now have a new craving — lemony things, particularly Chick-fil-A lemonade. I’ve made several drives out to Flatirons just for it. I have a new found love of lemonade, lemon muffins, anything like that. I’ve never been much of a lemon person before, so this is kinda fun. Tonight I’m making lemon chicken for dinner. Other than lemony things, I’ve been wanting lots of fruit, which isn’t anything new, but still going strong. Also, it is Cadbury Egg season, so I constantly want those, but I don’t thing that has anything to do with the pregnancy 🙂

We just had some painting done around the house. Delaney’s room is now lavender, FBB’s room is now a very light blue, and we had some touching-up done too. So, all kids now have colorful rooms! In the beginning of March, we’ll hopefully decide on some baby furniture, then it will all be coming together for the little guy to arrive.

We have started birthing class, which seems like a waste of time. It is 2.5 hrs on Tuesday nights for 5 weeks. Each class could easily be done in one hour. About half of the time, the instructor just babbles on a lot and tells stories about when she was pregnant and then she goes around the room and asks each couple the same stupid questions. The videos I could certainly do without. I don’t know if they are designed to scare us or prepare us. But, there is no turning back now! David has been great, it is nice that he already knows all the important stuff, so then when I get freaked out and cry about how scary the labor looks, he can talk some sense in to me.

FBB’s kicks have definitely been getting stronger. Frequently now, instead of a little flutter, when he kicks or punches or does acrobatics in there, I feel my entire belly convulse. It is pretty bizarre, but I love it!

So, that is what has been going on lately. We are really getting excited to meet our little man.

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