Ellie, my protector

January 6, 2009 at 9:15 pm (Baby, General)

Anyone that knows me and my favorite furry girl, Ellie, knows that we are very close. She regularly follows me around the house and stays by my side.  However, lately Ellie has been a little extra protective of me. I’ve heard that dogs can sense expectant women and sometimes even change their behavoir when their person is expecting. I’m thinking maybe Ellie is even more in-tune with me than I ever knew!

Here is my favorite recent Ellie story —

When the painters came to paint Andrew’s new room, David was at work and I was home alone with Ellie. Ellie always goes a little bonkers when people come in to the house, but this time she went maybe even a little extra-bonkers. My mom was going to take Molly for  walk, so I asked her to stop over and take Ellie with them so Ellie could get some exercise while I was stuck at the house with the painters, and so Ellie would leave them alone. Ellie LOVES my mom and is always excited to see her and go on walks with her. Frequently when my mom is around, Ellie couldn’t care less where I am. Well, not this time. About 10 minutes after my mom came and took Ellie for a walk, they showed up back at my house. My mom explained that Ellie refused to go with her. Ellie kept turning back to look at our house and pull towards home. My mom tried to get her out of visual distance of the house, hoping Ellie would then be fine to go for a walk, but Ellie stood her ground and just wouldn’t budge. So, after my mom tried and tried to get her out for a walk, she finally gave up after less than a block and brought her back to me. We think Ellie didn’t want to leave me alone with strangers in the house. There is no other explanation. The weather was fine that day, usually she’d have loved to go. Ellie has never ever fought going on a walk before unless it was weather related.

She is such an amazing animal. I love my little Ellie-dog.

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