Unwrapping…..or um, unveiling Andrew’s new room!

December 23, 2008 at 10:55 pm (Family, Kids)

With a baby on the way, we were going to have to do some room shuffling to accommodate FB. This is a delicate matter, as we did not want to make either kid feel shafted for the new baby, especially since they live here part-time and FB will be here full-time. We always want them to feel that this is as much their home as any of us full-timers. The decision was pretty obvious that FB should get Andrew’s room. It is the biggest, and with FB being a full-timer, it seems reasonable for it to get more space to house more clothes and what not –  AND with Andrew being the oldest it makes the most sense for him to move down stairs while the younger kids stay on the second floor with us. So, how were we going to tell this to Andrew – yikes!

We decided to make a big event out of it. Andrew got to pick a new paint color (luckily green is his current favorite color, so it was easy to find a great green that was still in-keeping with the feel of the house) for his new room and we took him to pick out some new furniture! He thought this was all pretty cool and he’s been excited about it. All last week, I was getting the room painted, the playroom furniture moved-out, the cool new Andrew furniture moved-in, as well as moving all of his stuff from old room to new room. I wrapped the door to look like a giant present, got him all new desk accessories and reading lamps and such, got some new family pictures framed, and we set-up a TV for video games too! It was a busy week. When the kids came over last night, we had it ready to go! We hoped Andrew would like his new room as much as we did, it is really cool! Check out the pics. It is hard to tell, but under the loft, there is a giant smooshy chair (the toy plane is sitting on it) and a reading lamp – so it is kinda like a fort under there where he can read or play video games.

I think it was a successful transition. The kids played in there all night and Andrew was really excited about the move!
Andrew Andrew's new room Andrew's new room


  1. Nana said,

    What a nice new room! Andrew must be very proud. Has he slept in it yet?

  2. Jil said,

    yes, he has slept in it one time and all went well!!!

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