Baby wants to eat!

December 22, 2008 at 11:22 pm (Baby)

So far most of my cravings have been for food that I haven’t eaten in 15 or so years….here are a few:

Poptarts (I actually was craving the cinnamon/brown sugar without icing, but that no longer exists, so the one with icing had to do)

TCBY vanilla frogurt and reesey cups Shiver (we had to find a TCBY in Longmont to satisfy this one, it couldn’t be another brand of frogurt, you see)

Grapenuts cereal

Kraft Mac & Cheese

Rice pudding

Bon bon cookies (my mom’s homemade recipe with hershey kisses inside, yum!)

Baked potatoes (ok, it hasn’t been 15 years, but it has been at least 5 years since I had one)

Some not-so-nostalgic cravings

Beef, beef, beef – can’t get enough

Pickles – yes, the pregnancy stereo-typical craving – it’s true!

BLT’s (turkey bacon for me, I don’t eat pig)


Pineapple juice

Chocolate covered gummy bears

The only food so far that I usually love but now has been turning me off is chicken…weird!

Anyhoo, just thought some of that was funny. Some of it is obviously serving a purpose, like the beef and grapenuts for iron since I’m anemic, and some for vitamin C and calcium, but some are just totally random.

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