It All Started with the O.G.

November 24, 2007 at 11:18 pm (General)

So, I just have to vent about the fact that every time a restaurant changes their menu, I end up never getting to eat one of my favorite things again. It all started with the OG.

About two years ago, the Olive Garden took Chocolate Lasagna off of their menu. I didn’t even go there that often, but when people from work wanted to go, I was always happy to have the Chocolate Lasagna for lunch, and it became one of my all-time favs. It was layers of chocolate cake with marzipan layers in-between. YUM, and now I can never eat it again! Damn you Olive Garden!

Then the Cheesecake Factory followed in the footsteps of the OG – they had the nerve to take another one of my favs off the menu for good, the Boston Cream Cheesecake. I even complained to the manager at the Pearl Street store, but he was powerless against ‘The Cheesecake Man’. At that same time, David’s favorite dish there also vanished, the Sheila’s Blackened Chicken Pasta. He didn’t complain to the manager though 🙂

More recently was the upset at Walnut Brewery. I always order the Tuscan Chicken Salad, pretending to be healthy, but secretly knowing that I’m about to chow down on the delicious jalapeño beer bread that comes with it for free! Well, that is no more! We were just there and I was stuck eating a healthy salad with no beer bread and the waiter said that they changed the menu and they just don’t serve it as a side anymore. Why, why would they do that? If they can still make it, why don’t they just charge for it and let me have it? I would happily pay for their tasty jalapeno beer bread!

And that brings me to the most recent disappointment- Brasserie Ten Ten. They have taken the Roquefort Chips AND the Tempura Green Beens off of the menu forever!!!! When we looked at the menu, I just didn’t even know what to do with myself! The waiter was not very sympathetic either. He didn’t seem to realize what they had done! How could they just make a change like that without realizing what they were doing to their fans? Brasserie has been my favorite restaurant in Boulder for a while now, but no more!

For all you restaurant owners out there — if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. What I would do for a Chocolate Lasagna right now! Anyone have the secret recipe?

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