My Dog is Soooo Smart

September 23, 2007 at 10:50 am (Family, General)

We are doggy sitting for ‘Molly the Dog’ while my parents are cruising through Istanbul and the Greek Islands for 2+ weeks (rough life), and I’ve been sick for the past couple of days. Of course while I’m sick, Ellie stays by my side constantly and snuggles with me. Ellie and I were in bed the other day with the bedroom door slightly cracked open. Molly had been downstairs by herself, but I guess she got lonely, because she came up to the bedroom door and layed down just outside of it. Molly doesn’t realize that she can come in the room just by pushing the door open, so she started to whine a little bit because she wanted to come in. Before I had the chance to hop out of bed…Ellie heard Molly’s whining, hopped down from the bed, ran to the bedroom door, nosied it open, and let Molly in. When Molly came in, Ellie gave her a kiss on the nose, as if to welcome her in the room, and Molly gave her a kiss back as if to say ‘thanks’.  I love my pooch.

Ellie Hiking

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