Molly the Dog or Molly the Person?

August 23, 2007 at 8:49 pm (Kids)

I was reminded of an Andrew funny this evening by my dad. He was telling a friend this Andrew classic. This was about two years ago when Andrew was just getting used having dogs around (he had never really been exposed to dogs much until David and I moved in together).

We had a babysitter named Molly and my parents’ dog is named Molly (we take care of her a lot so Andrew knows her well). One weekend night David and I were going out for a late dinner and Molly was coming over to babysit after we put Andrew to bed. When we put him to bed, David said “Molly is going to be here while you are asleep, so if you need anything, she’ll be here to take care of you.” Andrew’s response to that was, “Molly the dog or Molly the person?”

That story still makes me laugh two years later. Oldie but a goodie!

Another thing to add to this – I think it is soooo wonderful that my parents tell stories to their friends about Andrew and Delaney as if they were their own grandkids. It really means a lot to us!


  1. Banana said,

    Molly and I have something in common. Name confusion.

  2. Dave Nesbit (aka Jil's dad) said,

    Jil – we are honored to have Andrew and Delaney as part of our lives. Just call me POPS and I will do anything. Love, Dad

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