Update on the shorties

August 21, 2007 at 8:00 pm (Kids)

One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging is to keep track of the funny things that Andrew and Delaney say and share it with our family (see Ginger, I said I’d do it!). So, here are a few of the recent ones –

Delaney loves bananas and for a while, she called them ‘nanas’ and just recently has been able to add the ‘ba’. David’s mom, Nana, came to visit and took the kids to target to pick out a present. I was with Delaney while Nana went to help Andrew find a racetrack. Delaney looked at me and started saying “where’d Banana go? Let’s go find Banana”. It seems she thought that since bananas were no longer ‘nanas’, then Nana must also be banana. Too cute. That reminds me of last summer when Nana was visiting and Delaney was barely talking yet and she said ‘nana’ – we all thought she was so good to ask for Nana already until we realized Nana was standing in front of a BAnana. I wonder how many more years of confusion there will be between the Nanas?

We took the kids to the Children’s Museum in Lafayette with the Browns. Delaney and Megan found a cushie spot with a bunch of books and Delaney picked up a book with an Elephant on the front and asked Megan to read it to her. Megan isn’t quite reading yet, and when she declined, Delaney said “I read the book” and started flipping the pages saying “Elephant” in a new tone after flipping each page. She is really into books right now!

Andrew starts first grade tomorrow and is really excited to ride the bus! I’m sure there will be lots of fun stories about first grade coming soon!

Keep posted for more cute stuff about the kids!


  1. Jeff Barson said,

    The first comment on your blog is truly validation. My wife and daughter blog at http://www.ponytailclub.com after I pushed them for a year. I wish you well and thank your husband.

  2. Nana said,

    Oh boy, this is going to be terrific. I love David’s blogs, but just between us, yours are going to be more down my alley. Thanks for all the info.

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